“If we all work together, we can make our world greener, more beautiful, and brighter,” NVmessini says, and we couldn’t agree more.
This week, we are pleased to introduce you to the sustainable fashion brand NVmessini, which appears to share our vision, supports sustainable fashion, and continues to remind us that we must respect the earth’s resources.

The designer of the brand NVmessini, Nefeli Vasiliki Messini, comes from a family of seamstresses, as do both of her grandmothers. In fact, one of the two had its own girls’ sewing school in Lefkada in the 1950s.

She decided to continue her studies in fashion design after finishing her first degree. She entered the field of fashion after graduating from the second school, and as it came full circle, it began with cautious steps to establish its own brand in 2016.

Sustainability has always been a part of her life, and it was almost as if she came up with the name for how he wants the NVmessini brand to function.

The brand’s philosophy is based on “some good pieces every season.”

The goal is to assist the consumer in developing a collection, a wardrobe that reflects his/her personality. To wear his/her choices and feel himself/herself.

In the brand’s values, we will find sustainability, where no piece of fabric is wasted during the production process, is reused to make accessories or is kept in a file for future use, and if discarded, is recycled.

Then there’s the customer respect, as the NVmessini team provides the best fabric quality possible. Textures that, when touched, make the body feel comfortable and well. Finally, support the local economy by purchasing raw materials from Greek handicrafts and neighborhood shops. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in Greece by Greek professionals.

The brand NVmessini’s aesthetic is defined by simple lines and minimal aesthetics.

Clothes can be worn and combined in a variety of creative ways. Its target audience is today’s dynamic Greek woman, who is called to deal with one fast-paced reality while remaining stylish and comfortable.

Finally, the NVmessini team would like to emphasise that while the term “sustainability” may now appear to be a trend, the need to respect the Earth’s resources is something that we must take seriously.

We can make our world greener, more beautiful, and brighter if we all work together.

With love,