borw Expresses

..the ability, possibility, opportunity, and potentiality of doing anything, and the term “borrow,” which refers to renting an item.

WHY borw?

Together, we possess the power to change the world; let’s embrace our potential, defy doubt, and boldly chase greatness.

borw Mission

This mobile app is designed to change not only the fashion world, but also our world, rather than simply being part of a trend.
Empower a sustainable fashion revolution: Trade, earn, save, and transform your style eco-consciously.

borw Vision

Empower all, transcend divides, and champion sustainability to forge a brighter, united future.

Our Values

Circular: We embrace the creation of a circular fashion chain.
Nothing’s goes to waste.
Ethical: We support the local ecosystem. Businesses & individuals both benefit from our approach, while supporting the local economy.

We are the first app that offers the opportunity to pay with points.

Empowerment: If I borώ (make a change), you can too.