These Terms and Conditions, together with the borw Privacy Policy ( “Privacy Policy”) the End User Licence Agreement (“Agreement”), apply to your borw Membership (“Membership”) and govern the relationship between borw Limited, a company incorporated in England with company number 12387778 whose registered office is at borw Limited, at 6 Williamson Close, SE100HX, London (“borw “, “we” or “us”) and you in respect of your Membership. This Agreement overrides any statements on your App if they are different. You must, therefore, read it carefully. Please print a copy of this Agreement for your records. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact Customer Services at 1. How Does borw App Work?

​i. borw General Information

ii. Prices

iii. Delivery

iv. Returns & Hiring Conditions

v. Billing

vi. Cancellation: Costs & Refunds  
vii. borw Ordering


ix.Changes to Your Personal Details

x.Loss, Fraud


i. borw General Information

​borw App is a straightforward service.  After downloading the app and agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, you can register with your phone number, Facebook account, Gmail account, or with a new email, either as a business or just as personal.

Then you will have access to many fashion designers ‘items, as well as third party individuals and companies’ fashion items. You will be able to click on the “My wardrobe” button to add your fashion items and then to rent them to others. You can also choose the product/products to rent by clicking the “Find Clothes” button and have them shipped to their chosen address. borw app gives you the opportunity to rent/lend/sell and buy any fashion item.

All the renting/lending services are done with a return date which is the end of the hire period. If the fashion item is not sent back to the renter on the designated return date – the first working day after the event date which was chosen at checkout – we reserve the right to charge you the buy-out price of the item.

In order for you either to rent or to lend any item, all your information must be completed in the settings section.

You have the chance to rate other user’s services and items for security and quality purposes.

​This app uses both fiat currency and points. This simply means that every time you complete a transaction, or you just invite a friend to join the app, you earn points that you can use for renting someone’s else fashion items. Payment can always be either with points or fiat currency. The choice is yours! 

​Any discounts, vouchers, or other offers made available on the app through third-party channels, which are redeemable on the borw App, are subject to change without notice.

​ii. Prices 

​The fashion items’ prices are per unit and may vary depending on the model, designer, or in general, on the renter at any given time. Pricing depends on the renter, and the app has nothing to do with the pricing model. Customers should add a renting price per unit per day/week/month and a “buy at once” price, either for the buying purpose or for security reasons.

​iii. Delivery

​Delivery time for the fashion item you have hired may vary based upon product availability, customer delivery address when you place an order, and any other circumstances that could impact delivery. Accordingly, the borώ App makes no guarantees as to the actual delivery time. We will send you an email letting you know when your product is shipped. 

​iv. Returns & Hiring conditions

​All the fashion items are in the sole responsibility of yourself, the hirer. Therefore, we expect you to take good care of the products, minor spillages and small marks are inevitable. If a product is returned in a damaged or dirty condition that exceeds normal wear and tear, as determined by both the borw team and the renter in its sole discretion, you agree that borw app may charge you for the repair cost of a product if damaged or stained, or we also hold the right to charge you the full cost of replacing such products if ruined beyond repair. The product replacement fee will vary depending on each fashion item.

​You, the customer, should not alter or make any additions to the fashion items or, in any other manner, interfere with the fashion items during your hire period.

​You, the customer, are responsible for loss or damage to 3rd party fashion items such as theft, fire, severe stains, and any other causes in the hiring period. Please understand that if the fashion item is returned with any kind of these damages, you are to pay the full retail price according to the renter price lists.

​If a customer decides not to send the rented fashion item back to the renter, we reserve the right to charge the customer the full retail price that the renter has set for the fashion item.

​We strongly suggest you to keep the proof of delivery receipt when the fashion item is sent back to the renter because if the renter does not receive a product back from you, and you the customer has no proof of delivery, we hold the authority to charge your credit card the full retail price of the fashion item.

​Under no circumstances are customers to attempt to clean any products themselves (dry clean, cold wash or any other way) If done so, we reserve the right to charge the customer for part or full replacement value of the dress if any damage is done to the product.

v. Billing

​When you rent a fashion item from anyone through the borw App, you will be required to provide us with valid and current credit and debit card information for a valid credit card that you are authorized to use. By signing up for the service, you are allowing borw App to bill your credit card the applicable fees, shipping charges, any and all applicable taxes, and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of our App.

The applicable fees will be charged to your credit or debit card. If your fashion item is not returned on the due return date agreed when the purchase was made, the borw App has the right to charge your credit or debit card at a rate of the buy-out price of the fashion item.

​If a renter does not receive payment from your credit or debit card provider or if your credit/debit card expires or is rejected, you will be contacted by the borw App team or agent immediately.

​You are solely responsible for any, and all fees charged to your credit/debit card by the issuer and bank but not limited to overdraft or use insufficient funds or go over your credit/debit limit fees.

​vi. Cancellation: Costs & Refunds

​You may return a rented fashion item and receive a refund for any reason, such as the fashion item does not fit you, or you do not like it.  You have 24 hours to return the fashion item to the renter in the original state it was sent to you. You must deposit the item for return at your local post office or give it back on hand to the renter either the day or day after you receive the fashion item. Unless advised by the renter, should a product be kept longer by the lender than the 24 hours for returns, borw App reserves the right to charge the full rental fee and reject a refund. Please contact if you are returning a fashion item and if you wish to request to keep an item overnight, which you do not wish to wear to your event or any other occasion.

​On the rare occasion that when you inspect the fashion item, the customer and defects are found, please contact us immediately by email and make us aware of the alleged defect, damage, or any other faults so we can assist you further with your hire.

​If you wish to cancel your order BEFORE it is posted out to you, please let the renter know as soon as you can by clicking on the refund bottom, and we will be happy to take care of this for you and refund you; however, you will incur a £10 deposit (per fashion item) fee that will not be refunded.

​Once you have tried on a fashion item and kept it for more than 24 hours, we will not be able to give any customer a refund.

​vii. borw Ordering

​Ordering is a service that allows Members to order and pay for their selected fashion items or services. Ordering can be completed by both paying on cash via a bank or by using your points.

​In order to be able to use the borw ordering you must:

​(i) be at least 18 years of age;

​(ii) you must be an active member of the app, with all your required details being provided (phone number, postal address, email, name, bank details).

​(iii) follow the instructions on the App to choose the items you want to order from a number of fashion items and services.

​(iv) follow the instructions on the ‘Order’ section of the App to input your credit/debit card details 

​(v) Once you place an order or someone rents or buys any of your fashion items, you make sure that he or she has all the required information and the communication channel must be open.  

​Steps for ordering -options

​Make sure that you and your partner (renter/seller/lender/buyer) confirm all steps until a transaction is completed.

Uncompleted transactions will result in not being awarded points for the transaction and/or not being protected by the insurance policy of the borw app.

  1. Seller confirms the order

  2. Buyer pays

  3. Seller ships/deliver the product

  4. Buyer confirms receipt

  5. Buyer ships/deliver the product back to the seller

  6. Seller confirms receipt

  7. Buyer rates the Seller

  8. Seller rates the buyer

viii. Confirmation

​Once you place an order, the renter must confirm the order, in order for you to complete the transaction and finally rent the item.  Please read carefully the ordering steps into the borώ section above.

​ix. Changes to your details

​If you need to change any of the details you provided when you registered, please update your details through the App. In order for you to complete a transaction, all the information on your profile must be complete and up to date.

x. Loss, fraud

​You should treat your Points like cash in a wallet. If someone else accesses your Membership through the App, you may lose any points you have earned in the same way as if you lost your wallet.

​You should immediately report any fraudulent or unauthorized use of your Membership to Customer Services by emailing at. 

​xi. Insurance

​When posting an item, you have to state a reasonable buy-out price that will be used to refund you in case of loss/theft/damage. The amount is captured from the buyer’s card and in case of a dispute, it can be detected to refund the seller. 

2. Customer Service

​i.Complaints Procedures


iii.Customer Services

i. Complaints Procedures

Complaints regarding any element of your Membership should be sent by email to Customer Services at .   All complaints will be subject to the borw Complaints Procedure which will be provided to you on your request.

​ii. Compensation

Points earned through using your Membership are not covered by any compensation scheme.

iii. Customer Services

If you need assistance or if you have any inquiries relating to your Membership, you can use the Contact Us facility on the App or you can send an email at .

3. Data Protection

i.Data Protection & Privacy

ii.Liability of borw

iii.Your Rights as Customer



vi.Governing Law

i. Data Protection & Privacy​

While registering to become a Member through the App, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including either your name and your telephone number, or your Google email address or to register with your Facebook account or just to register with a new email. We are committed to maintaining the security of your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is kept secure against unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, or destruction.​

The Privacy Policy will apply whenever you provide us with personal information.​

ii. Liability of borw

borώ shall not be held liable for any default resulting directly or indirectly from any cause beyond our control, including but not limited to, failure of network services and failure of data processing systems.

iii. Your rights as a consumer

As a consumer, you have legal rights in relation to goods that are not of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose and services not carried out with reasonable care and skill by other users. More specifically, the app is not responsible for the quality/expectations of products posted by other users. Customers have the ability to rate other customers servicing

iv. Variation

We reserve the right to amend or waive any provision of this Agreement from time to time and at any time, or to terminate the Membership program on reasonable notice. You should check this page of the App from time to time to take note of any changes we make, as they are binding on you from the date that we make them

v. Assignmen

We may transfer the benefit of this Agreement to any other company in the same group of companies as borw. If we assign the benefit of this Agreement, your rights will not be affected.

vi. Governing law

This Agreement is governed by English law.

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