Borw expresses the ability, possibility, opportunity, and potentiality to do anything. This week, we’re excited to announce our collaboration with Christina Vardakou, with some of her high-quality, eco-friendly clothing now available in the borw app.

Christiana Vardakou

Christiana Vardakou is a textile designer based in Athens, Greece. Her brand is based on the Slow Design movement.

Hand Crafted Textiles
Naturally kind and gifted

The brand’s homeware and loungewear collections share a story and celebrate slow processes, natural materials, aesthetics, the combination of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional.

Each piece is individually designed, handcrafted, and can be fully customisable.  Christiana uses organic fabrics and yarns that are hand-dyed with natural dyes and batiks, bundle dyes, embroidery, or weaves on her studio’s loom. 

The collections aim to encourage sustainability and conscious consumption — going against fast fashion and the throw-away culture. 


100% organic yarns and fabric 


Handcrafted textiles made with care 


They only use low environmental impact techniques. All yarn has been naturally dyed, all fabric has been either naturally dyed or digitally printed. 


With each item, you purchase you get a booklet describing what your item was made from, how it was made, and how you should take care of it. 

Emotionally Durable Design

“Reducing the consumption and waste of natural resources by increasing the resilience of relationships established between consumers and products” (Chapman) they want their customers to see these items as heirlooms, something to protect, keep and pass on from generation to generation. 


They are always there for our customers. If you need any further explanation, if you need any help with how to take care of an item, or if you need any customisation they are here to listen, advise and help as much as possible. 

Christiana’s world is dreamlike. Her items are timeless products that are sustainable, ethical, and unique — made for those mindful of the value of time and the environment. 


Some of the natural dyes they use are imported from overseas (like Indigo). However, in their studio, they have a small garden where they grow natural dye plants. Some of these include: marigolds, coreopsis, heather flowers, lavender, rosemary, woad, madder, chamomile, pansies, weld, and hollyhock. They also pick broom, oxalis, walnut leaves, oak bark, cedar bark, and others from Mani, Laconia.

With love,

Borw & C. Vardakou