We are thrilled to announce our partnership with 2wo+1ne=2, with some of their high-quality, environmentally friendly fashion products now available in the borw app.

The borw app embraces the creation of a circular fashion chain. Nothing goes to waste. The app is designed to serve fashion lovers globally & it’s the only app where you can support sustainable fashion in 5 different ways; Hire/Rent/Buy/Sell/Donate, while socialising with the sustainable and ethical fashion community.

Through our actions, we hope to create a more sustainable future for all. Our statement is that if I Borw> can have a positive impact, so can you. So we’d like to introduce you to Stella and Valisia this week, two dynamic souls on a mission…


2wo+1ne=2 is an ethical designer brand based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2017, by Stella Panagopoulou and Valisia Gotsi.

Through a synthesis of minimalism and deconstructivism, espousing the principle of environmental consciousness, 2wo+1ne=2 aims to sound out the cultural fluidity of an increasingly nomadic generation.

Focused on creating sustainable & tailored ready-to-wear and not a trend-follower, 2wo+1ne=2 creates long-lasting garments or even reconstructs its over-worn garments, in local production, using exclusively french and bound seams and natural fibers, so as to contribute to the longevity of the garment.

Based on the design project of nomadism, each collection is inspired and dedicated to a different city across the globe, drawing elements from its art scene, architecture, cinema, music, and people. The brand converts the beauty and uniqueness of each place into its edgy collections, by incorporating their craftsmanship techniques and aesthetic concept. The crystallization of notions, essences, and shapes of each given place, are worked into the garments themselves.

2wo+1ne=2 strives for a perpetual battle with conservatism and conventionality, envisaging clothes not as strictly functional everyday items but as multidimensional structures, maintaining at the same time fashion’s allure and scrutinizing urge.

With Love,

The Borw Team