Donating is an act of selflessness that makes us feel good about ourselves for giving and helping others. It allows us to give back to those who need it and give us a sense of personal growth. There are many other reasons to donate, though, and let’s discover them together.

1. Helps others in need

Why do you want to get your old clothes to the garbage when other people don’t even have clothes to wear?

Donating is a gesture that allows people to give to others what they no longer use or need and that they think might help or make other people’s lives better.

2. Teaches you to appreciate what you’ve got

How many of you said to yourself that you had nothing to wear, but your wardrobe was full of clothes?

By donating our unwanted second-hand clothes, we understand the value of what we have, as we sometimes forget how important things are to us. This happens because, as human beings, we always want more, but when we donate, we end up realizing that all the things we’ve taken for granted are essential and that there are still people who can’t afford it.

3. Makes others happy

It is invaluable to know that you can bring joy to other people’s lives with a very simple action. Give, and give again, why, while you make others happy, you’re also going to be happier!

4. Allows you to understand different social backgrounds

As life goes on, we are created in a small circle where people have almost the same conditions, some might have more, some might have less, but they usually have very similar living conditions. However, when you donate, you have a chance to visualize different social backgrounds.

5. Supports sustainable fashion

Indeed, we left the best for last!

Donation is considered to be an important measure that contributes to a more sustainable environment. Given the environmental impact of continuous clothing production, donation prevents the new production of clothing as well as their waste and embraces both circular and sustainable fashion.