To have passion for fashion is not an uncommon thing, from seeing someone walk with a nice dress on the streets to admiring exuberant looks on fashion week or any red carpet for that matter.

We need to wear clothes daily and we see them as a form of self-expression. The only problem with that passion is how detrimental fast fashion companies are to the environment, as well as the existence of labour malpractices in the garment making process.

Borw came from a wish to change that, the word ‘Borw’ itself means ‘can’, because we believe we can still enjoy fashion while being conscious of the issues and finding a better alternative.

As a fashion rental platform, we are trying to make it the norm to include better quality second hand clothes in our daily lives. It gives opportunity for people to rent designer shoes and clothes that they like, for example, without committing to their high price, if they were to buy it. It allows them to buy used clothing online, helping reduce the enormous waste the industry has nowadays.

We also make it possible for people to make money while sleeping, by sharing their wardrobe and selling, giving a new life to items that would be thrown away otherwise. Businesses and designers are not left out as the platform solves their issues of remaining stock each season.

We are fierce advocates of ethical fashion and believe in a future where we get to enjoy what we like the most without hurting the world we live in. This is just the first step.