With the “Borw” app you can buy, rent, sell, lend or donate preloved clothing and accessories. This means that by using our app you can easily begin to create your own ethical wardrobe!

1. Sell or donate any clothing that you no longer wear

The first thing you should do is sell or donate any clothing that you no longer wear so that it doesn’t go to waste, and you can give a second life to these perfectly wearable items. By doing this, you’ve taken a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a more ethical wardrobe, as these clothes are no longer sitting in the back of your wardrobe and getting ready to go to the landfill.

2. Upload any fashion items you haven’t worn in a long time

The next thing you need to do is upload any fashion items you haven’t worn in a long time, or you just wore them on a special occasion, but you love them and don’t want to be part of our loan app. This means that people will be able to rent this item from you at a price per day, and then it will be returned to you again. This will create a more ethical wardrobe for you, as your clothes are still worn and used so that they are not wasted, as you might have worn them only once for a birthday or other occasion.

3. Rent clothing for special days

Also, if you know that you’ve got a special day coming up, but you don’t have an outfit, take a look at the Borw app and see if there’s a dress you could rent for the day. This means, first of all, that you’re not buying a new fashion item, so you’re saving your money and that this item can be reused by others instead of just being worn by you, which contributes to circular fashion.

4. Buy 2nd-hand clothes, shoes, or even accessories

Finally, you can even create a more ethical wardrobe by buying second-hand clothing with our app because the products you buy or rent are pre-loved, so you say no to “fast fashion” as you reduce the demand for mass clothing production.