What actually makes Borw different from any other thrift shop or used clothing sites?

The Story of the Name

The name comes from a combination of two words. One being ‘borrow’ and the other is a Greek word, “mporw” (Μπορώ), which means the ability, opportunity, and possibility of doing anything. We believe at Borw that everyone has the ability to positively impact the world and make it a better place but it is up to us to make this choice. Because of this, our motto is “if I Borw, you can too!”, which simply means that if I can do it, you can do it as well!

If I Borw, you can too!

Our Purpose

The purpose of Borw is solely to help make the world a sustainable and better place for all no matter where you are born or what your religion is. We believe we are better when we are together and help each other as we can potentially create a world in which everyone wants to live in. We also hope to pave the way for a more sustainable life which works for all and fight for everyone. We believe in hope over fear and unity over division.

Our Services

The Borw app allows you to rent secondhand clothing or to donate your own preloved clothing and accessories, and then people can rent it from you. The reason we want to do this is because fast-fashion and its unsustainability is a very big issue, especially in the UK where consumerism is high. We want to provide people with a clothing rental service, allowing them to rent clothing that they can wear for an occasion then send it back for someone else to use. Rather than an item being bought and only being worn once and then it is then wasted. By doing this, we hope to reduce the amount of waste caused by consumerism. We’d also like to provide businesses the opportunity to sell their items and advertise their business through our app with no extra monthly fees. As we know in these unprecedented times, running a business can be extremely difficult for some. In addition, you can donate yours and your family’s preloved clothes to families in need through our app’s transparent donation method. The app also learns your likes and dislikes, connecting you to clothing it thinks you will love.

We are different

What actually makes Borw different from any other thrift shop or used clothing sites? One way is that we want consumers to be a part of the change we provide the world with and come along with us on the journey of creating a better and more sustainable world. Also, sellers will have a 10% transaction fee on all purchases, with no monthly fees, an all-time low for the industry! And if it couldn’t get any better, we have a state of the art security, which allows you to chat with the seller and you can get real-time updates on the products you’re renting, so you’re never out of the loop.

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