Did you ever ask yourself what sustainable clothing is? If you were never able to understand ethical clothing or you never found the right answers, you are in the right place to learn something new about eco-fashion.

If you want to be part of slow fashion, one of the most essential aspects that you should know about is what ethical fashion is about. Ethical fashion or eco-friendly clothing is a practice which has been growing in the last 20 years, but it is still relatively new to the world, so it is normal if you never came across with these terms. It’s very simple to understand the basis of green fashion.

Sustainable textiles are critical to increase environmental sustainability, reduce water use, ensure that clothes are ethically produced, enhance soil regeneration, and usually possess fibre properties. The word “sustainability” is generally connected to various sustainable clothing brands as well as to different eco-friendly fabrics, but it is important to understand that even if technology helps to reduce the ecological footprint of sustainable brands and their environmentally friendly clothing, it is very hard to reach the absolute zero waste or to avoid any effects of global warming.

Now that you know a bit more knowledge about how to live a more sustainable life, it is vital to understand which sustainable materials are the best in order to practice ethical fashion. One of the best ethical materials you can find in sustainable shops is peace silk, which is very different from traditional silk. In fact, the well-known silk is not animal friendly because, in order to produce this unethical material, many silkworms are killed; about 5,000 silkworms are killed in order to produce pure silk apparel. On the other hand, peace silk is made using an ethical practice, and no silkworm is killed or harmed during the process.

So next time, you are on a fabric hunt, ensure you check if it is part of the fantastic world of sustainable fashion to help the planet become a more peaceful place.

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