The fashion industry produces new fashionable clothes which attract individuals to buy more than they need, leading to overconsumption.

Most of us have the habit of following fast fashion, buy them, wear them but not too many times as the fashion changes faster than the seasons. And most of the time these clothes end up in landfills creating dangerous issues and pollution for this world.

Our world has never come to this phase before. Industries follow the liner system starting from sourcing raw materials to creating finished goods and sell the products to the customers. Similar to over-consumption, the industry is facing issues with over-supply as well, which caused a reduction in real sources of raw materials. Therefore, using quick and alternative ways to make the same finished goods using strong chemicals which are undoubtedly harmful to the environment.

As the production level is increasing, the impact is also increasing which has become the biggest problem and threat to our planet. Many individuals have identified this issue and formed different types of organisations, research institutions to put their hands together and stop polluting our world and came up with an idea of Circular Fashion.

Circular Fashion maybe not covering all but many areas to reduce this impact.

The main aim of circular fashion cycle is to study the finished good and make that good with alternative materials which is more sustainable, and not harmful to this world.

This process may still sound hard or the access to all the system and information is not very easy to adopt, but it is one of the most important opportunity researchers have found and taking steps to bring to a better place to live in.

There are certain things industries can do at this moment of crisis. They can reduce the production of fast fashion. Learn the new process, make changes to their setup for more mindful production. And as an individual, we can focus on slow, circular fashion.

Be more mindful and spread the message and warn the situation to our near ones.

Having all these in our mind, Borw has come up with a crucial step to participate in order save this planet from such destruction. Instead of buying new fashionable clothes, one can buy second-hand clothes or sell and rent their preloved clothes through Borw. You can also donate clothes to families in need through our platform.

Remember the world is changed by your example, not your opinion. So, if you are thinking where to sell or buy used clothes, click here and download the app.

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