Borw is the only one-stop marketplace for circular and sustainable fashion, where individuals and sustainable fashion brands can hire, rent, buy, sell, and donate clothing. This week, we’d like to introduce you to the sustainable fashion brand Milato, which appears to share our vision, promotes sustainable fashion, and reminds us that we must respect the earth’s resources.

The Story

Around 2017, the fashion brand began producing various types of T-shirts with three Greek phrases that meant something to Iwanna, the founder. These were the «όλα πολύ» (“everything a lot”), «ρε χαμογέλα» (“oh smile”), «να φεύγεις μπορείς;» (can you leave?), that became the foundation of their Basic Collection.

Iwana was the “photographer” and her girlfriends were the models in all of the first photos!

Borw X Milato

In 2018, she and a friend created their first piece of jewelry/charm with engraved wishes in Greek. “Love,” “dream,” “fall in love,” “throw,” “dare,” and so on. Later, they created various jewelry collections, whenever they find inspiration, and the same goes for clothes, because not every season, but whenever they find inspiration, a new collection is released. The #SEND Collection is the most recent collection.

For about a year, Iwanna had been thinking about the reworKDed project * (reworked + worded), and it was perfect that the borw app supports it! When she and her sisters go to their paternal home, they “dig” in her mother’s closet and find treasures! And they bemoan the fact that so many clothes simply accumulate in closets, so they decided to do it, talk about it, and put it to use.

In terms of sustainability, MilaTo’s moves include making T-shirts only after orders are placed, processing used clothes and selling them (reworked project), and renting out all of our products through your app ( in progress).

With love,

The borw team.