Borw is active, committed, and focused on creating a positive impact on our world through embracing people to be part of circular fashion. We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Yasèmia, with some of their high-quality and environmentally friendly accessories now available in the borw app.

Through our actions, we hope to create a more sustainable future for all. Our statement is that if I Borw> can have a positive impact, so can you. So we’d like to introduce you to Maria and Christina this week, two dynamic souls on a mission…

Yasèmia Story

Yasèmia is a slow female-owned brand, established in 2020 and owned by Maria Michael & Christina Kanellou.

Two girlfriends with the belief that everything is possible as long as you want it, started as mom fashion bloggers and turned in 2020 into entrepreneurs by making and selling handmade accessories. 

As their favorite flower is Jasmine, which reminds them of their childhood and summers in the Greek islands, they name their business Yasèmia. 

Yasèmia is driven by the love of detail, creativity & handmade art.

What makes a piece unique is not the piece itself but the woman who wears it and her life narratives.

Maria’s & Christina’s vision is to create sustainable bags that encapsulate femininity and that women will love carrying for years to come.

Each Yasèmia piece is stitched and crocheted by hand therefore perfectly imperfect. 

They believe strongly in slow fashion. Creating garments that are carefully and ethically made and giving attention to quality versus quantity is a central part of their ethics.

Maria & Christina choose to curate jewelry pieces that are ethically made by Greek artisans in order to support local businesses and the economy. They also use 100% eco-friendly packaging that is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials such as packaging boxes, cardstock, and organic cotton totes for storing the bags. 

The brand’s style is simple yet combined with statement elements. Every piece that is made is of very limited quantity and made with love.  

With love,