“The future of fashion is circular. It has to be,” says Stella McCartney which is set to change the planet for better as large fashion companies are forced to change their ways to create a better world for all and moving away from fast fashion.

The future of fashion is circular. It has to be.

Sustainability has never been this important to shoppers nor the fashion industry as they push for Fast fashion but the current generation cares about the planet as they are slowly recognising the future if this continues. There are around 300,000 tonnes of unwanted clothes that are binned, which can be recycled every year and that’s just one of the many problems impacting the environment.

The simple answer to the problem would be circular fashion “It can be defined as clothes, shoes or accessories, etc that are designed, sourced, produced and provided to be used and circulated responsibly and effectively in the society for as long as possible in their most valuable form, and hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use.”

Circular fashion means that every part of the life span of a garment is cyclical – it starts with the design of a piece and how much longevity and timelessness it has, then onto the materials and whether or not they are sustainable, before the making of the item – is its production fair and ethical; are workers and animals rights being upheld?

Once the piece has become tired, it should be repaired or redesigned, then – rather than being binned – rented, swapped, or sold second-hand. This also goes hand in hand with the principles of Ikigai philosophy and can be a simple and effective tool for a business purpose going beyond profit and bettering the world we will live in. We can do this together!

Where does Borw come in?

Borw is the 1st Social Fashion Rental App That Supports Sustainable & Circular Fashion in 5 Ways (RENT, LEND, BUY, SELL, DONATE). Borw allows the customers to rotate their clothing to suit their lifestyle and for particular events (e.g., weddings, casual parties, interviews, or even daily wear).

We allow the customers to rent rather than buy as we know the income inequality is present more than ever. We believe that that premium clothing shouldn’t cost you as we allow you to rent at lower for the number of days you need and during COVID-19 this allows many families to get back on their feet. Also, Borw pushes to get sustainable fashion products within the app itself through deals with sustainable businesses and sourcing sustainable products.

Moreover, we allow people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and promoting circular fashion thus support slow fashion through our app.

Together we can create the world we want to live in we are better when we are together.