Today’s society is much more concerned with the impact we have on our environment. That’s why so many organisations are looking to improve their eco-friendly operations through green initiatives and more sustainable practices.

Sustainability is a major concern in fields as they grow.

These reasons such as:

-Construction and engineering are responsible for a lot of the waste materials we see in the world.

Emissions from machinery, vehicles, and related hardware can be harmful to the environment.

-Noise pollution often stems from heavy machinery used in construction.

-Engineering and development waste often produces pollutants that can get into water supplies and the atmosphere.

I see this within my own town where I look there is some sort of construction going on and this can just acerated over the last 5 years it makes you ask yourself are they using eco-friendly materials? is it beneficial for the planet? Overall, engineers are at the source of the problem, which means they’re in a lucrative position to suggest improvements and enact change. If a new, more eco-friendly material can be used in place of a conventional source this can also be used for the manufacturing of clothing around the world as well.

Borw partners sources their materials from sustainable/more eco-friendly manufactures which heal the planet rather than hurting it also the items that are listed on the Borw app promotes sustainability as they can be rented/bought or donated promoting a more circular society and fashion. Building on this borw looks to partner with sustainable/more eco-friendly businesses for our common goal to better the world.

Key principles every engineer should keep in mind:

– Non-renewable resources should be adequately and sparingly used; both to reduce their consumption and to cut down on waste, also to use the materials more efficiently.

– Where applicable, more sustainable practices should be deployed to make use of renewable resources and honour minimal footprint operations. Swapping to electric-only vehicles to cut down on fuel consumption and emissions is an excellent example of a change that will significantly cut down on waste.

– Try to use Recycled or reused materials, for example — such as steel, wood, and concrete — can help repurpose what would otherwise be wasted.

Overall, the industry is causing more pollution to the world than we think, and it is our job to educate and take care of these problems to create an ultimate sustainable future.

The borw team.