In today’s world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by many different types of materials that compose our clothes. So, let’s start with the tag of our clothes, did you ever read it?

If you never informed yourself about the matter, it is easy to get confused by the plenty of different types of materials, that’s where I come forward to help you out.

The most common materials that are used polyester, which is a synthetic material, cotton, wool, silk, and leather. The majority of these materials are not environmentally friendly; for example, polyester is made of fossil fuel crude oil.

Another story can be told for cotton, which is not eco-friendly, but if we can find a fabric made with organic cotton, the story changes. In fact, the process which involved the production of organic cotton is totally sustainable. So, in order to assist you in supporting slow fashion, I will talk about some innovative and sustainable clothing materials.

The Apple Eco Leather is one of the most innovative ideas in the eco-sustainable fashion industry. This material is completely eco-friendly and vegan, as it is made from waste from apple juice production. The company that produces it is Italian, and its name is Frutmat, which is specialised in recycling biological materials. The Apple Eco Leather bring different benefit such as being waterproof, biodegradable, breathable and being a long-lasting material.

One of the most ethical materials that we could find is alpaca wool. It would be easy to think that alpacas are mistreated, but they are usually raised in Peru, where farmers take care of these animals, which are also the local support for their economy. Furthermore, alpacas don’t destroy the environment where they live as other livestock does.

Hopefully, the next time you will go to buy clothes, you will be able to recognise the most eco-friendly materials to choose from in order to support sustainable fashion. Also, in case you can’t find these materials easily, I encourage you to look for second-hand clothes to become part of the slow fashion movement to save our planet.